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Post by FlyingArrow »

Is this game any good? I've always noticed it but it doesnt seem to be that great. Anyone have an opinion on it?
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Post by Arantor »

I think it's a very ingeniously designed game, relying not on objects to solve puzzles, but instead on collecting groups of musical notes to solve situations.

I like the game a lot, it is very unusual in that respect but a few things I should point out:
  • * It has a much straighter storyline than other LucasArts games; it was written by Brian Moriarty, one of the authors of some of the Infocom games.
  • * It is a shorter game than many of the others, and many regard it as easier to play since the storyline is generally more single-path.
  • * It is also easier to get into a scrape where you can't complete the game because you haven't learnt the appropriate spells in earlier parts of the game. I can think of at least two situations where the game won't give you the clues to the spells necessary to complete the game.
  • * It is also more serious than some of LA's game, though not quite as serious as Indy.
Although it sounds like I've given it a real bashing, I haven't in my own mind; Loom is definitely one of the classic LA games, and is worth getting hold of a copy if you can - I live in England and I tracked it down to a small online shop based in the Nederlands, and it was definitely worth the hassle.

One word of advice though, if you do manage to get hold of a CD version, the game works so much better if you take the CD audio data and make the appropriate OGG or MP3 data out of it; most CD drives don't spin quickly enough to the right part of the disc to play the audio in time.
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Post by glokidd »

Loom is Fantastic :D It has and always will be one of my favorite games. One of the big draws for me has always been the story itself which is made even larger if you listen to the audio drama before playing. The interface, as well is amazing, the way different spells are created from music is not only original but incredibly flexible. This interface allows for far more interaction verbs than the average scumm game provides.

If you do decide to check it out, i recommend not using a walkthrough (unless your ridiculously stuck of course). Doing so can sort of make the game very short, plus a lot of interesting parts of the story being told can be missed completely if you do everything "the right way" the first time :wink: .

This was the first SCUMM game i ever played through to the finish, i had played maniac mansion and zak mckracken when they came out before that but neither captured me quite like loom did(admittedly i was very young then and it had to be something very interesting to keep my attention)i completely reccomend it :D
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Post by jamyskis »

I can also say that it is a fantastic game, in some ways very creepy. You might have a job tracking it down though, as it is extremely rare and sought after. I got lucky, I played it on the Amiga beforehand, but I found it in a secondhand shop here in Paderborn for the princely sum of 2 euros (new condition, packaging, no scratches on CD, all documents and registration cards etc.) as the owner didn't have a clue just how rare the game is.
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Post by bobablob »

I played Loom the very first day that Babbages put it on sale. So take my perspective with a grain of salt, as I've had decades to develop a nostalgic love.

Loom has a haunting story, even more so because the developers never got a shot at tying up the loose ends. The interface remains a marvel, even after all of these years. Unlike oh so many other adventure games before and since, Loom has an interface suited entirely to your character.

You won't be picking up a ham sandwich to bait crabs, nor will you use a crowbar to pick up gum. Instead you'll be weaving spells with Elder Atropos' distaff.

I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed in Loom, but then again, I thought Galaxy Quest was the best movie ever.
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Post by Kaminari »

It is good. Foolish mortals!
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