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DOSBox for the PSP

Post by Weaver1497 »

I know there are others out there like me that desperately wanted to play some other point and click adventures on their PSP, and are anxiously awaiting something to pop up.

Well here you go, a coder named CrazyC who created the intital DOSBox for PSP back in 2005 is back and is back with a vengeance! I personally have tested a ton of old Sierra and other point and click adventures on this and I have to say I am EXTREMELY happy! Playing Quest for Glory 1 VGA on the go is an absolute dream come true!

It's still a little slow, and the audio hickups from time to time, but with this the PSP is well on its way to being an adventure gamers dream come true!

I dont reccomend playing any games that SCUMMVM can play on this, simply because they wont play as well. But for everything else give it a try!

This is a link to ready made EBOOTS (credit to Belthasar00): ... p-rar.html

Replace the .conf file in that rar with this one (credit to 100k at

CrazyC updates his binary in this forum: ... c&start=60

(Everytime he updates simply rename the binary file EBOOT.PBP and put it in Dosbox_psp.)

ALSO, for ease of use I reccomend downloading this program also:

This allows you to use the analog nub to scroll through and launch the different dos .exe files without having to type using a VERY difficult keyboard mapping system made for the PSP

Here are the steps for a noob: (I was one when I first stumbled across this, some very nice people at both of these forums helped me, I would like to pass it along)
1. Download the rar. Open it take out the folders.
2.Download CrazyC's latest binary at the second link, look for his post on that page. Rename it to "EBOOT.PBP" then place it in "Dosbox_psp" Folder
3. Download 100k dosbox.conf file and replace the .conf file in "dosbox_psp"
4. Download "Dos Navigator" (dn151) from ritlabs
5. Place the "Dosbox_psp" and "Dosbox_psp%" into the appropriate homebrew folder (whatever firmware your running, 310OE would be GAME150)
6. Make a folder on your mem stick under PSP called "dosbox" place the "Dos Navigator Folder" (dn151) in the "dosbox" folder on your mem stick, then place any Dosbox ready games unzipped in the dosbox folder.
7. Launch Dosbox_psp from your "game" menu on your psp, Dos Navigator will then boot. Double click the ".." in Dos Navigator to get to where your games are. Then simply double click the "dir" your game folder is called, then double click the .exe from within that games folder.

I personally have tested these WORKING games:
Space Quest 1 VGA Remake
Space Quest 4 CD version
Space Quest 5
King's Quest 5 CD version
King's Quest 6 CD version (some audio errors, unlike other CD versions)
Gabriel Knight CD version
Police Quest 1 VGA Remake
Police Quest 3
Quest for Glory VGA Remake
Quest for Glory 3
Leisure Suit Larry VGA Remake
Leisure Suit Larry 5
Conquest of the Longbow
Freddy Pharkus Frontier Pharmicist
Laura Bow - Colonels Bequest
Laura Bow - Dagger of Amon Ra
Rex Nebular
Sherlock Holmes - Case of the Serrated Scalpel
Eco Quest 1
Eco Quest 2
yeah yeah
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Post by yeah yeah »

got it up and running. only game i had on me was QFG3. runs pretty good. not a 100%, more like 75-80%, but this is greatness. i never thought these SIERRA games would make it to the PSP. but it's up.

couple of questions.

- how do we get sound running on this?
- how can i input characters so i can name my character?

thats it for now.

EDIT...nevermind. got them up and running. still testing some games. yeah, there not at 100%, but it's still great. anything you can recommend to speed up gameplay?
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Post by wololo »

Thanks for the tutorial.
Just tried with Gabriel Knight 1 (floppy version, French), and it works!!!
Not what I could call "playable", but I saw on ps2dev's forums that the developper is quite active, so let's hope !

And just having an old dos screen on my psp makes me warm inside !
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Post by STASKO »

I cannot follow the instructions about how too install Dosbox for PSP,, i tried a few times but i just dont know what a Binnary is? Also i cant follow where exactly place wich files? Also the downloads are not explained good enough,,, Can someone Explain it again mayby? Because this manual is not enough for me,,, too understand,,

Thanks allready,,, :cry:
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Post by Duffman »

hey all - i was just hoping someone with doxbox working on the PSP might be able to share a few new links, it seems i'm kinda late to this party, some links are dead and was hoping for a bit help - i've raided every site with the word dosbox on it and this site seems to have the 'latest' info

thanks guys i appreciate it

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Post by DreadBeard »

I've gotten DOSBox running and for those who may have issues, read
It links to some better guides that I also used. Anyone know how to re-map the mouse keys and maybe F keys in a .BAT file?

I also have ran Eye of the Beholder 2 and 3 at very playable speeds. And almost Fallout. When I say almost, I mean almost in to the game. I doubt play-ability but want to make it to that point to test adjustments.
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help! D:

Post by Sheep »

every time i go to boot the file, it tells me that its corrupted! i need help.. and if you could explain it simply it would be much appreciated, im a youngster and dont understand all of the lingo yet!
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Post by DreadBeard »

You'll have to be more specific, Sheep. What file are you trying to boot? The DOSbox shortcut from the PSP menu, or a game inside DOSbox? Unfortunately there isn't a very simple way to just explain it all, but I can try and help you out. Why don't you start by telling me what PSP firmware you're running, what version of DOSbox, and where you got it, and then if you made it into a game - which one and where is that from. This way I can attempt to run it myself and give better help.
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