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joachimeberhard wrote:@Jimbob:

But you generally agree with my Multilanguage point here, don't you?

Well for me, and I know this is going to sound bad, as long as it's got English then I'm happy. I guess having multiple languages in one version of the game is very handy, so yes ... multi-language is a good thing!

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Actually, I also prefer English way over other languages for Adventures.

Especially because of the word jokes.

Monkey2 was actually the reason I learned English better than in school.
I was twelve at the time it came out.

But still I also like to play them in German.

Also, I bought some games in other languages to learn them.

I could have spared myself at least these double-tips then with multilanguage releases.

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If you have Mac specific problems about ScummVM and playing your favorite Amiga titles then I'd recommend

It has a nice forum about everything Commodore 64 & Amiga from a Macintosh perspective. So feel free to join a Commodore Forum where every user is a Mac user.

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joachimeberhard wrote:Monkey2 was actually the reason I learned English better than in school.
I learnt English a lot better by playing Countdown - and SimCity2000 :)
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