This is the stable version, right?

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This is the stable version, right?

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I downloaded the most recent edition of ScummVM Saturday/Sunday & I've found it to be very unstable. It has crashed on The Secret of Monkey Island (from the start), CMI (semi-playable, then froze) & FOTAQ (semi-playable, then froze), and the transcriber/keyboard button while not seen, if I put the stylus in that area, it kinda activates (it makes the beep noise, but nothing is selectable or anything).

I'm wondering if the site I downloaded my Scumm from had the Beta on file, instead of the stable version. Is there any way to tell? The files say they were created June 22nd.

PS - I think it was Virgina that I got the thing from. I tried MN first, but it wasn't working.
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