Coders: Different compression libraries for DC port?

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Coders: Different compression libraries for DC port?

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I recently put in this request here at the tracker for OGG compression in the DC port:
DC: Support for OGG compression? - ID: 3066867

I was wondering if any of the coders out there would be willing to contribute some of their time, a little at a time, to add the required OGG libraries to the Libronin* source code SDK for DC.

If I'm not mistaken, there are other homebrew DC projects that implemented OGG playback, but they were of the KOS variety SDK.

I get that it takes time to code, but I'm hoping someone will help in porting the external 'libogg, libvorbis,
and libvorbisfile'.


[*] Yes, I realize the mistake I made in the request post. ScummVM-DC uses Libronin.
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