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Multi CD Games

Post by grim107 »

Would it be possible for me to play the 7th Guest on the Dreamcast. It is a multi disk game and I know that ScummVm doesn't handle those well. How would I get around to playing this on the DC?

I would also be interested in playing The Feeble Files, but that is a four disk game.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Post by Graxer »

Try what I say to do in this topic, including the audio track instructions:

Then burn the files to a new CD and run it on your Dreamcast from there.

I haven't tested The 7th Guest on the Dreamcast, but this should work as all the files I need to run it come up to only 651Mb which fits on a CD.

As far as The Feeble Files goes though, I fear that that may be impossible, at least with the 4-Disc version. I bought it from Good Old Games and it is 2.66Gb worth of important files. Way over the capacity of a CD.
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Post by Stryfe »

Neither of the Feeble Files versions are possible. It'd require disc swapping, and that isn't possible without adding extra, port specific, code to the Dreamcast branch. I don't think anyone's willing to do this. It would require way more time it's worth, for no recognition or monetary compensation.

For some of the other ScummVM games that are at, or just beyond, the threshold of standard cd-rs size, you could try 99min/900mb cd-rs.

They aren't produced in the US, so you'll have to order them online. I've had mixed results with the self-booting, but they should all work with a boot-disc.
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