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Post by nozomi »

I have Spy Fox Operation Ozone and Putt Putt Travels Through Time, both are recognized and do load, but only if I swap in the original CD. If I copy the contents to another CD (to put more games on one CD) The games will not load. ScummVM will detect them and give the correct name for the game, but when choose it, I get a message stating it cannot find the file "PuttTTT.(a)" for Putt Putt and the file "SPYOZO.(a)" yet both are present on the CD.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or know of a solution?

Both these games work fine on the Windows build, directly from CD or from the HD. I only have this problem with the Dreamcast build.

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Post by sev »

Probably DC filesystem is case-sensitive? If so then you have to lowercase all file names. Probably you can do it by burning renamed files to a CD-R.

We planned to avoid that restriction, but not in 0.8.0 unfortunately.


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