Can I burn tracks as CDDA?

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Can I burn tracks as CDDA?

Post by Who'sThere »

I've been attempting to get a couple games that contain cdda audio to play faster, or at all.

And I was wondering if it'd be possible to burn their cdda tracks, get this... as cdda tracks??

My app of choice would be Bootdreams, which allows the buring of cdda. Well the thing is I'm running low on discs due to quite a few mistakes on bitrates and the like.

If I burned a single game disc instead of burning a boot disc and swapping, and use Bootdreams to add the games cdda audio, would ScummVM recognize the track(s)?

And if it did, would it be able to access the track data faster/better?

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Post by DCDayDreamer »

You can burn the tracks as CDDA and the music will obviously be better quality than the MP3 compressed tracks. There's one major drawback, the DC will be streaming the CDDA but also reading game data from the CDR so overall performance of the game will be worse - you'll get more music skipping and even long pauses as the game data loads.

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