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Alternate Dreamcast backend

Post by tsowell »

Hey everyone,

I've been working on an alternate Dreamcast backend for ScummVM that tries to behave like a standard backend and also supports some additional peripherals like SD cards and ATA drives. It's still in an early stage, but I think at this point it is in a basically usable state.

The README has a lot more information: ... /

And there's a (pre-)release image here: ... alt-v0.0.1

Instructions for mastering a CD from the release are in the README.

If anyone wants to try it out, I'd love to see your issues, PRs, or just advice on how I can make it better.

There are still a few big things on my TODO list:

I'm still working on implementing RGB color, but I'm having trouble finding an RGB game with low enough memory requirements so I can actually test it.

I also need to get it building with third-party libraries for JPEG, PNG, MAD, FreeType2 so that all of the engines can be built. A few of these are already in kos-ports.

The backend still fails a lot of the tests in the testbed engine.
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Re: Alternate Dreamcast backend

Post by kremiso »

tsowell, Myst has been tested with your backend and it's confirmed working great,
with the image correctly centered on the screen,
and with the gamesave that can be reloaded and does works :)

so thumb up for your backend, with this one
atm we are trying to make Riven correctly detected/running
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