Build from scratch crashes before displaying game list

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Build from scratch crashes before displaying game list

Post by tsowell »


I'm having trouble producing a working Dreamcast build. buildbot produces builds that work for me, so I'm mostly interested in more information on how buildbot produces its builds. But here's the (obviously incorrect) method I'm attempting.

I'm using the scummvm/buildbot-dreamcast Docker image from Docker Hub and using the configure args and make target from scummvm-sites/buildbot/config/master.cfg:

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buildbot@02bc595943e9:~$ git clone
buildbot@02bc595943e9:~$ cd scummvm
buildbot@02bc595943e9:~/scummvm$ ./configure --host=dreamcast --enable-plugins --default-dynamic
buildbot@02bc595943e9:~/scummvm$ make -j8 dcdist
The build completes. I copy IP.BIN, SCUMMVM.BIN, and SCUMM.PLG from the docker image and burn them to a CD with the Monkey Island demo for Amiga. This works fine if I use the official buildbot build of branch-2-0 (d5488e1d), so I believe my disc-mastering method is sound:

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dd if=/dev/zero bs=2352 count=300 of=audio.raw
sudo cdrecord speed=16 dev=/dev/sr1 -multi -audio audio.raw
sudo cdrecord speed=16 dev=/dev/sr1 -msinfo
mkisofs -l -d -relaxed-filenames -C 0,11702 -o tmp.iso cd-image-folder
( cat IP.BIN ; dd if=tmp.iso bs=2048 skip=16 ) > data.raw
sudo cdrecord speed=16 dev=/dev/sr1 -multi -xa data.raw
When I try the disc in a Dreamcast, it restarts after the SEGA license screen.

I suspect there is something wrong with the toolchain (or the included ronin binary) in the Docker image, because buildbot and I are building from the same ScummVM source. I also noticed that the toolchain paths in scummvm-sites/buildbot/config/master.cfg don't match up with the paths in the Docker image. Is there another place where the current buildbot toolchains are documented? Are is there something obvious that I'm doing wrong?

I appreciate any help.


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Re: Build from scratch crashes before displaying game list

Post by digitall »

The developer who was working on a Docker ScummVM Buildbot is not maintaining this any further and I don't think many of the more esoteric platform binaries were ever tested, especially if they required specific hardware such as consoles so your mileage may vary when using the Docker file as a reference.

However, as I have a Dreamcast myself with various hacks for development and have previously worked on getting a documented toolchain for that port, which I supplied as a reference for the Docker development, I can provide you with the same scripts, patches and tools to allow you to build a toolchain locally.

I should really get round to putting these up on my Github so they are documented for the future.

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