ScummVM discs stuttering audio

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ScummVM discs stuttering audio

Post by wouter1984 »

Hello All,

I've made several Dreamcast ScummVM 1.5.0 ports. But a lot of games have stuttering audio, as soon as a voice loads the dreamcast is loading heavily.

Discworld 2 I burned on a 99MIN CD-R*, because 700MB did not fit

* I have RIS 99min CD-R's

I burn all my ScummVM ports with Alcohol 120% DAO 4x only 99Min CD-R's I burn with IMGBURN at 4x.

All CD Images have been made with BootDreams 1.06 with a 700MB dummy file, for the 99min CD I made an 870MB MB Dubby file.

for example Discworld 1 and 2 I've use the compress_tinsel command line to compress the audio to MP3, but still the games do not play well, audio is stuttering.
I also have the curse of monkey Island compressed onto one disc all audio and video files have been converted to MP3 audio format. But the curse of monkey island resets in the intro video, when I skip the video the game crashes in the first puzzle with the canon and wally.

Can I make any better discs??

I have one disc made with Sam and Max, Full Throttle, Day Of The Tentacle, and Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis and Indiana Jones the last crusade.

These games all work well. Full Throttle even was working as far as I tested it. Can this game be finalized with SCUMMVM 1.5.0?

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Post by grim107 »

Sorry, but I can't help with the audio stuttering issues.

I could be wrong, but I think that CoMI is too resource-heavy for the DC. Either way, I know that it's not supported. Not to mention that even if it were, it would't be completable because ScummVM doesn't support disc swapping, and the DC version doesn't support the SD card reader (yet, anyways).

Also, last I tried (probably about a year ago), Full Throttle worked perfectly up until the demolition derby. After that, it crashed.

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