4 Coasters trying to burn a Disc

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4 Coasters trying to burn a Disc

Post by CaelThunderwing »

i've tried 4 times following guides from dc-talk dcemulation and 2 others.

i've tried leaving the scummvm.bin alone. this causes the console reset loop (freeze w/ DCHakker) i've tried renaming that to 1st_read.bin Same result but in DCHakker it resets the DC,

im trying to Just make a disc with Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle Both Monkey island 1 & 2 and Sam & Max hit the Road

they come from the real deal after buying on ebay. so i'm not piratin em, i've compressed the WAV audio tracks ripped from my Monkey island 1 CD

i Just Cant Get It To Work! i could on a PS2 or wii but the point in getting this to work on the dreamcast is bring some games into it's small library i have for it.
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Post by pankratz »

Can't get it to work, too... Tried also different ways. A short tutorial or wiki-update would be great.
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Post by digitall »

I have always used the following and never produced a coaster
using Linux...

dd if=/dev/zero bs=2352 count=300 of=audio.raw
cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom -multi -audio audio.raw
cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom -msinfo
# Replace 0,11702 with values from previous command
mkisofs -l -d -relaxed-filenames -C 0,11702 -o tmp.iso cd-image
( cat IP.BIN ; dd if=tmp.iso bs=2048 skip=16 ) > data.raw
# Need to use -xa, NOT -xa1 to ensure that 2048 byte blocks are used. This may vary on different versions of cdrecord
cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom -multi -xa data.raw
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Post by grim107 »

I haven't really used the Dreamcast in some time, but I remember that on a certain computer, I used to have a very difficult time. In my experience, the computer it's done on, for whatever reason, has a major impact on the success of the burn. I don't know if it's hardware or software related.

For the computer that always caused me trouble, the only way I was ever able to successfully burn these CDs was to first compile the image into a CDI file using Boot Dreams and then burn them with the free version of Disc Juggler. I was still never able to make a CD that included all of the games on the ScummVM disc, but swapping once ScummVM had loaded wasn't a big deal.

On another computer, I believe I was able to compile and burn everything with Boot Dreams.

On my newer laptop, I believe I can burn with Imgburn and its CDI plugin.

Anyway, try the first thing I said. Use Boot Dreams to compile the CDI image and burn it with Disc Juggler. It's never failed me.
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