So what's the likelihood of SD card support in the future?

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So what's the likelihood of SD card support in the future?

Post by marzipan »

Although originally it looked as if one had to significantly modify their Dreamcast to allow an SD slot and internal adapter, times have progressed and now you can go for the easier solution of getting an SD-to-serial adapter to slot into the back of your console. :)

The easiest place to get one of these from would be $22 in all including shipping regardless of location - certainly less costly than the oft-mentioned "Taobao" method!

So it leaves me thinking about ScummVM on the DC..... how would one be able to switch between SDs and CDs when looking for games? I can see one of two options happening:

a) Replace the GUI completely with one identical or otherwise similar to the GUI every other port uses, or
b) Provide individual binaries for SD or CD loading purposes.

Then again, I'm not Marcus Comstedt, so I look forward to whatever happens in regards to this. ;)

Of course, if the recent SVN builds already started implementing some kind of SD support in secret, then I guess I'm late to the party! :P
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Post by Maturion »

Although this is quite old, I'm picking this up.

As far as I know, ScummVM for Dreamcast uses libronin instead of KallistiOS. So far, the SD card library is only available for KOS.
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Post by 47iscool »

You can make an ISO with the newest Dreamshell release and it will boot. Just unscramble the SCUMMVM.BIN and make an ISO using Ultra ISO, very simple.
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