Has ScummVM become too big for the Dreamcast ?

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Has ScummVM become too big for the Dreamcast ?

Post by kremiso »

wondering this yet from the 2.0.0 release, sadly the new 2.2.0 seems confirm this theory

every new release after the 2.0.0 seems losing some games that in past were at least runnable
so apart the well known 'tough to run' ones (Curse of Monkey Island, The Dig, Discworld 2)
also the 'medium' ones now seems does not work anymore :(

the main .bin file has reached the 4.5 MB, and if you add other 1/3 MB of a single plugin,
basically you'll have 10/8 MB of free ram to run the games, that maybe is broking the compatibility
for many games, in past playables ?

--- EDIT --- just found myself one of the probably reasons
seems that now you forced need the ' TRANSLATIONS.DAT ' file in the root of the disc
(together with the main .bin and the engine plugin file/s), or many games does not start at all

thank god, now i can start some new tests
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