Telltale Games + King's Quest

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Really? We're having an argument over this? Have at you!

Both LucasArts and Sierra suck. There, I said it. All terrible.

Just take a look at Loom, LucasArts' pride and joy. What mastery of everything. It perfectly captured the essence of what makes an adventure game an adventure game. Bobbin is the quintessential hero that everyone can relate to.

And Sierra has its gem: Codename Iceman. Everyone knows that Sierra hit their apex with the release of that beauty. Anyone who owns it has their copy hermetically sealed in their safety deposit box at the nearest bank.

But beyond that, they're all terrible. We really should instead focus on the wonders of games like the CD-i Legend of Zelda games. I'm really disappointed that ScummVM does not yet support it. Nothing has ever come close to matching the perfection of them.

And if you're still reading this after the level of sarcasm I just spewed out, then kudos to you. Just let the silliness end! Sierra has its classics as does LucasArts. Telltale has its audience too, notably different from either of the others. You make not like Telltale, but they're the driving force behind adventure gaming these days. Let them have a hand at King's Quest, we should judge it after it is released.

**Note that my previous comments about dead ends and Roberta are not nullified by this post.

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Everyone look out! clone2727 has mastered double-reverse ironic trolling! :P

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