Maniac Mansion NES '2 kids instead of 3' works on ScummVM

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Tinhead Ned
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Maniac Mansion NES '2 kids instead of 3' works on ScummVM

Post by Tinhead Ned »

Some time ago I discovered, quite by accident, a glitch nobody had apparently noticed before: a way to start Maniac Mansion on the NES with two kids instead of three. This can even be done (and is in fact easier to do, as the mouse moves faster than a d-pad) when using the NES version on ScummVM. The trick is listed to my credit at GameFAQs, but I will repeat it here for you to try. It definitely works on the PAL version of the game, so probably works on the NTSC and other (if there are other?) versions out there.

Click on the character you want to want to join your team, and then quickly click on 'start'. If you do it fast enough, the character will not be highlighted and the 'start' button will become garbled. Click the same character again and then click start, and the game will begin with only Dave and whichever kid you picked.
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Post by OmerMor »

Cool - it works! :-)
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Post by sanguinehearts »

This is pretty interesting, I wonder if it exists in the original version or whether this is just a quirk of the ScummVM code?
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Post by MusicallyInspired »

By reading the opening post one can see that he was saying that this already worked for the NES and was announcing his discovery that it also worked in ScummVM.
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