What are your favorite adventure games?

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What are your favorite adventure games?

Post by rock_chick »

Whether very old, very new or anywhere in between. What's your fav adventure games. I looked and saw only one similar topic like this but it was rather different and no others like it other than one at least within the past few years. In no particular order and basically no more than five, so I guess a top 5, but you can just mention only 1 if you want.

For me, I'll list them in no particular order because I haven't yet figured out what my fav is but these are some of the ones I really liked a lot!

1.The Longest Journey
2.Discworld Noir
3.Broken Sword 1
4.Broken Sword 2
5.The Sam & Max games(I have the original game but haven't got around to playing it yet)

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Post by ezekiel000 »

1. Grim Fandango
2. The Neverhood
3. Cure of the Monkey Island
4. Sam & Max series (new & old)
5. Zork Grand Inquisitor

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