Supporting this games?

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Supporting this games?

Post by Dimouse »

Hello, ScummVM Team!

Just wanted to know if it is any possibility to add support for these games:

Chewy: Escape from F5
Alien Incident

And which one is more probable?

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Post by clem »

see the FAQ:

I once heard that someone remotedly looked at Chewy, not sure if he'll get the sourcecode though

no idea about the other games


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Post by cappuchok »

I once spoke to the CEO of Housemarque, the company that made "Alien Incident". He did say that they wanted to freeware all their titles prior to (but excluding) Supreme Snowboarding. That would include "Alien Incident". They did have some trouble locating and acquiring all the required rights, though.

However, it's been a while since I heard anything from them. Their Amiga title "Super Stardust" has since been released as freeware courtesy of the publisher, Team17.

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