Telltale Games take on Back to the Future and Jurassic Park

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grim107 wrote:Another key note is graphics. I'm sad to say this, but I know someone who is convinced that graphics matter more to a game than storyline and gameplay. Also, more recently, it seems that some game designers are starting to focus exclusively on multi-player aspects of games, while skimping on the story modes.
Well for me graphics are not the most important part of a game but they're still relevant. I'm not much into very old games(like ones made with 8 bit graphics). I'll admit I prefer the newer, more realistic graphics in general to the ones from many early and mid 90s games, however I'm also into the cartoon look(Broken Sword 1 & 2 and Sam and Max games style mostly), but beyond that it's not such a big problem. I'm very much into storyline driven games and especially those that have voice acting and many interactive characters to talk to. Therefore I'm not into Myst type games. However there are still many adventure games that are well made in the previous decade that have decent puzzles and a great storyline, as well as being decent in length. Since this decade has began so recently it's too difficult to work out yet whether it'll be as good or not for adventure games.

Take The Longest Journey for example, it had an amazingly detailed storyline, interesting puzzles and was indeed long(granted it was released just at the beginning of the previous decade).

One other thing to note is I see more and more of the meddling of the adventure and action genre and it's not my thing and can if not implemented properly even ruin a game. It can work in some cases I suppose and if you like that sort of thing that's not an issue but where does that leave those interested in just the adventure game genre itself? With at least a lesser selection of decent games to choose from.

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