The Gene Machine

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The Gene Machine

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My roommate at Uni had this game 9 years ago, I remember getting halfway through before his CD broke and we couldn't play. It seemed like a pretty cool adventure that broke just as we were getting to the good stuff. Pity Divide by Zero went out of business shortly after the release so there's not much chance of the source code. Did anyone else here play this game?

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Post by JamesWoodcock »

I certainly did and loved every minute of it. It was something quite unique in the point and click world at the time due to the atmosphere it created and the animation.

I to would love to see this game working on ScummVM, but as you say getting source code is probably the problem that is here, a big shame.

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Post by cappuchok »

It would seem that the brains behind the game are now working at a UK company called 2DTV. One of them might have clues on who owns the copyrights now or at least who bought them when Divide By Zero went out of business.

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