Your first experience with ScummVM

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Your first experience with ScummVM

Post by Scarlatti »

I was wondering what was the first experience that most people here had with ScummVM, how they got to know about it, which platform they used and the first game they tested on it.

Mine was way back then, when it was very new. I read about it in a LucasArts fan forum, then downloaded via unbelievable slow modem transfers the DOS port (or it was a command line version? I don't remember) to run the Loom talkie-CD that was bundled with my soundcard in the nineties. I remember I had some problems extracting the audio, had to add or subtract some seconds, something like that. It already had MAME-style scale filters, and it was already an excellent harbinger of good things coming! :D
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Post by Graxer »

My first expierience of ScummVM was the Dreamcast version. I heard that you could play Broken Sword and Fate of Atlantis on the Dreamcast and downloaded ScummVM immediately.

It took me a while to realise that ScummVM wasn't Dreamcast exclusive.
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Post by Red_Breast »

I remember hearing about it very early. As I had no problem running Lucas games I never checked it out though.
Then about 18 months - 2 years ago I started getting into Linux and open source after running xDSL on my softmodded Xbox.
You can also get a Xbox port of ScummVM.
After building a second PC with Linux installed one of the first things I downloaded from Synaptic was ScummVM. I learnt that it supported a lot more games than just the Lucas stuff and it also had filters and save states.
So I tried it. I think it was 0.11. Apart from the Lucas games I had something like 8-10 other games that it supported.
Instead of trying out Linux, which is what I wanted to, I spent about a month playing my old games.
The main reason I ended up getting a Wii as well was for ScummVM. I really wanted to try ScummVM with a Wiimote on my Grundig 37" TV.
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Post by Mataku »

I don't really remember how or why i got it, i just remember it was somewhere around 2003, and it's just been on my computer ever since. only in the past 2 years i've started getting updated versions...
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Post by beatlefreak9 »

Mine was probably about six or seven years ago, I wanted to run Secret of Monkey Island on an old computer. Unfortunately, it wasn't old enough (I'd first played it on an old 486.) Discovered ScummVM around its 0.5.0 release. I remember that there was a problem with the sound effects on SOMI, that it only played the music and not the door-opening effects or anything else.
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Post by MeddlingMonk »

I have no chance of remember when it was or the version number, but I do remember that ScummVM was on just able to run some Scumm games and the later ones like Full Throttle and CMI were not even playable.
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Post by Glorfindel »

I remember reading about this project when it was on early stage of development on a paper magazine, perhaps in 2002-2003, and finally be able to play with it when BASS was released as freeware and the same magazine include it in the demo cd.
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Post by hippy dave »

MeddlingMonk wrote:I have no chance of remember when it was or the version number, but I do remember that ScummVM was on just able to run some Scumm games and the later ones like Full Throttle and CMI were not even playable.
same here.
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Post by LogicDeLuxe »

I found out when I read about the FM-Towns version of Zak McKracken, and ScummVM was mentioned there. Support was just work in progress back then. The game did load, but there was little you actually could do then.

Of course, it was Monkey Island 2 which I first played with it, since it was the first game completable (it wasn't the only one anymore, though). It had several minor imperfections, but still was the best way to play it on a Windows PC.
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Post by polape »

It was about 2004 when i was getting through abandonware pages and i found BASS and comment about this is now freeware and somewhere at end of article about ScummVM. So, I'm happy user of ScummVM since that moment.
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Post by Nikioko »

My first experience was a Windows version acouple of years ago. It must've been somewhat like version 0.6, I think.
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Post by Monkey114 »

My first experience with ScummVM was when I downloaded from the usenet a Linux ISO image with almost every games supported by ScummVM at that time, I remember I was using ScummVM version 0.2 for Linux... Since then I bought all the games I play with. :)
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Post by Shadow »

I read in a german MacLife magazine about ScummVM 0.4.0 and tested it on my PowerMac. My first game was Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis. It was great for me, to see this adventure back on my screen since years :D
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Post by kaysow »

Sam & Max stopped working. I figured the disc'd been played too much, so I bought another copy, which still didn't run. Then there were a few bleak years without LucasArts until maybe 2002-2003 when someone pointed me to ScummVM and I've been tremendously grateful for it ever since.
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Post by grim107 »

My brother got it about ten years ago. I remember that I used to run it on my Win98. For some reason, as the computer got older, it had some sound issues running Dos games. I was only around six at the time, so my brother got it for me. The first game I ever used it on was Sam and Max. I've used it frequently since then. One year ago, I figured out how to burn in for the DC. I was playing those games for hours after that.

Through the years, I've run ScummVm on Win98, ME, XP, and Dreamcast. More to come?
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