I hate that stupid code wheel!

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Tinhead Ned
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I hate that stupid code wheel!

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Dug out my copy of 'Cruise for a Corpse'. Never really played it when I got it as a kid, but figured I'd give it a go. But it's got one of the most annoying copy protections I've ever seen! How does one read the code wheel properly? I turn it to the combination as specified on the screen but the symbols seem to match only intermittently.
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Post by fas0 »

Its easy.
If it ask

"G 10"

Move the upper wheel to point -->10 and insert characters in G
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Post by Red_Breast »

Hopefully Ned worked it out for himself sometime in the last 6 months.
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Post by Harrypoppins »

Look after some save, i'm sure you can load theses one at tha start page of scummvm
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