Hugo's House of Horrors

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Sorry for the delay, I didn't notice activity in this topic these last days.

Here is a little status:
Hugo 1 Win is completable in ScummVM, but with a hack: the message-boxes asking for a typed answer currently doesn't ask for that answer, and consider the answer is OK. Music is OK on Mac, tricky on Linux and not played in Windows environment... We're checking that.

I haven't try to finish Hugo 2 Win... So I won't comment this one, except that I fixed the maze. I haven't try to complete Hugo 3 either.

The Dos versions have several additional issues, as they are different to the Win versions (older). The 'background' problem has been fixed in H1 Dos, but as the parser is different, you can't open the door and finish the first room, in front of the house. Other timer problems after block any progression, anyway.

Hugo3 Dos has a path problem in the "intro", so it's not playable atm.

For all the versions, save/load is not working properly, which complicates the testing of course :)

I'll update the TODO list in the wiki soon so the status is a little bit more clear.
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Post by maximus »

This may not be the right place to post, but there's an interview with David Grey over at AdventureClassicGaming that mentions the integration with ScummVM ;)
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Post by lazylazyjoe »

Thanks, that was a good read! Anyone even slightly aware of this games existance should read this.
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