could it possible be...

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could it possible be...

Post by billeke »

that some game publishers understand it at last.

telltale games brought/brings us episodic point 'n click adventure-gaming with strong-bad and will bring us season one of sam 'n max for the wii at the end of this month.

now, i was doing some random browsing (school started again for me, but i'm not in the mood for making homework today:P) and I found something intresting that I hadn't seen yet (it's probably old new:P)
namely that humongous entertainment is bringing their chirldren point 'n click games to the wii (to the us, haven't seen any news for pal region, where i live)

I find this great news seeing that some publishers understand it that the wii is ideal for bringing point 'n click back to the gaming masses. sure they are ports of the original pc version (wich we also can play with the scummvm wii port), and sure it's just a way to cash-in because the wii is popular, but if i were 6-7 years old right now, i would demand spy fox in dry cereal for the wii right now

ps: with this I also wich to thank the scummvm team for the freeware release of drascula: i couldn't wich for a better birthday gift! (I turned 19 today)
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Telltale if you have a look at their roster and that of many of the SCUMM games will tell you an interesting story. Namely that TTG is largely made up of the old SCUMM developers. Which means I'm not overly surprised they're deploying to the Wii, a lot of them are intelligent, and actually likeable individual with a good history of interesting products under their belts you might not realise they were involved with.

Humongous are doing the right thing by themselves and parents though. Their games are in a niche that requires more exploitation. Edutainment games are few and far between, I've seen several petitions over the years aimed at attempting to get all the old TLC Super Solvers, Reader Rabbit, etc, updated and rereleased for modern platforms as despite the fact all of them are 15+ years of age they're unsurpassed by anything being released now.
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Post by MusicallyInspired »

I think we're finally starting to at least see a revival of sorts. This is noted also with the imminent release of Ron Gilbert's Deathspank by Hothead Games.
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Happy birthday, billeke!
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clem wrote:Happy birthday, billeke!
thx dude!
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