Blade Runner with Scumm?

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A regular game that works in 2D or (like a lot of LucasArts games) pseudo-3D) works by taking 2D images and scaling them etc. depending on where on the screen this happens.

As Guybrush walks further 'back', for example, the sprite is made smaller. It's not particularly clever, it simply does a scaling based on y position of the sprite.

There is a sense of depth, but it is only based on whether some objects would be in front of others, logically you would just work out what order they should be drawn in to give the impression of depth. Many other games used a similar method.

Voxels, in theory, are closer to 3D than the above. Yes, it is essentially a 3D pixel, and along with all of the other 3D pixels, you rotate them to work out which ones should be displayed based on their position, even before you work out about depth and stuff.

Since each model was made of 3D pixels, they could be rotated to give you the view at any angle, then manipulations for depth are applied.

In practice, though, the difference is much more complex to explain. As I said before, with convention 2D or pseudo-3D games like LucasArts games, the characters are pre-drawn and animated and/or scaled, then drawn in the order specified to give the illusion of depth.

Blade Runner's characters seem to be defined in terms of 3D pixels, which appear to be physically drawn as polygons (according to the wiki). So instead of drawing flat squares of colour on a flat canvas, you're drawing flat polygons of colour on a 3D canvas, working out what sits on top, then flattening it.

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I get it now thanks for the explanation.

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clem wrote:By that logic, any game which does 3D (whether polygons or voxels) in software would be a 2D game (even residual?).
Yeah :D .

I'm not saying it's 2D like "SCUMMVM handles that", I'm saying it's 2D just to the videocard :P. Hell, the background was rendered in 3D, so if you want that could be a 3D game.

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It would be classed as Isometric really.

Bladerunner from Westwood runs perfectly well with WindowsXP?

I know because I actually installed it again the other day.Still have the original 4CD set. The CPU cycle was fine not fast nor slow. Audio and GFX where fine as well.

My system is a: XPpro SP3, Core2Duo 6320, Nvidia 8600GTS, Realtek onboard no issues for myself.

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