play games over webserver ?

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play games over webserver ?

Post by ddkram »

ok this is just a question about playing scummvm games over the internet (of course i mean the freeware games like Lure or Beneath a steel sky). Is it possible to have the game files on a server and to play them with scummvm without having to have the game files on the PC ?
i am currently looking into this myself but so far no luck. just wondering if anyone else has been able to do this ?
or is it impossible ? and if so why ?
(also i couldnt find any existing threads on this but if they exist i appologize in advance)
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Post by Arantor »

I suspect the answer is "it depends."

From what I gather, ScummVM uses the standard APIs for accessing the filesystem, which means if you convince the operating system to accept a networked path as another drive, then yes it would be doable.

Under Windows, you'd use the Map Network Drive option, map a letter to the appropriate network location and it should be accessible via ScummVM. (NB. I haven't tried this, but I figure it should be doable)

Under Linux, I believe something similar can be achieved if you do some fun stuff with mounting it as a networked filesystem, but I've never tried that before, I just believe it's possible.
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