Which games would you like to be supported on the future?

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Re: Which games would you like to be supported on the future?

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Holy necropost, Batman!

I see people have been requesting the Dynamix/DGDS games in this thread for a good 12 years. I'm not sure what a +1 from me would amount to.

I know DGDS engine support has started a few times, but never finished. It looks like the Dynamix games have been some of the most requested for years. I'm not sure what technical hurdles made that particular engine more difficult to implement compared to others.

While I think it is interesting to see support for Xeen games, Ultima games, Infocom games, etc. ScummVM has been primarily used to play 2D point-and-click adventure games.

I'm hoping some of the unfinished engines like DGDS, M4, MADS, Mohawk, etc. eventually find an enthusiastic champion. They might make for good Google Summer of Code projects for 2020.

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