Beneath a Steel Sky - The Movie... ;-)

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Post by clem »

Whoa! Neat.

I saw Matrix, Blade Runner, Alien in there - anything else?
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Post by Longcat »

escape from absolom, wall-e and species at first glance.
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Post by Jojo Jr. »

Blade Runner - The Matrix - Wall-E - Tank Girl - The Matrix Reloaded - Terminator 3 - Escape From Absolom - Judge Dredd - Alien - Alien3 - Alien: Resurrection

...I think. :wink:
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Post by Ceri Cat »

Pretty well done, better than some of the professionally done teasers I've seen.
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Post by Mandy_Heart »

Oh wow, it looks really awesome!! i wish it was a real movie, LOL :P
It's actually one of the better teasers i saw... the person who did it had a future in the business... :wink:
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