Zak2 Between Time and Space released

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Zak2 Between Time and Space released

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Yesterday the fanmade Adventure Zak McKracken - Between Time & Space (Zak2) finally got released!

Since iam still downloading it I cannot say much about it.

Thread with DL-Mirrors: ... d=399&sid= wrote: The Zak:btas-Team worked about seven years on an inofficial non-commercial sequel to "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders". Uncountable leisure-times, weekends and summer vacations were spent for "Zak McKracken - Between Time and Space" (Some people already began to title the game "Zak McKracken Forever"), but now it's finally done - and we are very proud of the outcome! It is one of the most extensive fan-adventures ever released and to be released in the next years.

Over 50 high-quality Locations, accompanied with athmospheric music and filled with numerous, lovely animations and challenging puzzles. A ludicrous story fully dubbed and with professional cut-scenes are awaiting you. See for yourself!
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I strongly recommend the use of Torrent because most mirrors suffer due to very high usage. The mirror I used just went down because of 400gb Traffic in a very short time!
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Watching the trailer im definately looking forward to the English release :) Ive picked up some German but im pretty sure that most of the games script will go over my head so i see myself waiting. Nonetheless this is definitely very cool

Thanks for the tip :D
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