Runs on everything, except my microwave :)

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On how many different devices have you tried scummvm?

more than 7
Total votes: 44

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Runs on everything, except my microwave :)

Post by chrisis »

After posting here about a few obscure devices I'm running ScummVM on, i just thought: Hey, why not ask other people on how many and which devices they run ScummVM?

So, for me it's:
My main Laptop (Vista and Ubuntu dualboot, ScummVM on both)
My eeePC (with stock Xandros Linux in advanced mode)
My iPod Touch 8G
My two Nintendo DS' (one Phat, one Lite)
My Sega dreamcast
And today for the first time: My Wii

Now it's your turn, on which devices are you running this great program?
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Post by md5 »

Heh :) not many for me:
- my main PC with Vista
- my laptop with XP
- my N73 mobile phone (SymbianOS)
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Post by sev »

FreeBSD box
Windows XP laptop
Windows 2003
Sony Ericsson M600i (Symbian)
Dell Axim something (WinCE)

...and GP32

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Post by Arantor »

It's even less exciting for me:
My old Win98 PC (which blew up last year)
My current WinXP PC

Both of which have also dual-booted various Linuxes over the last few years, including Mandrake (before it was Mandriva), Ubuntu, SuSE and Fedora, but I'd still only class it as 2...
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Post by joostp »

Let's see... over the last 5 years I've tried/used the following ports at least once:
  • * Various PCs and laptops (32-bit + 64-bit Debian & Ubuntu, 32-bit WinXP)
    * Dreamcast
    * PSP
    * PS2
    * PS3 (PPC linux)
    * DS
    * PocketPC
    * Symbian OS phone
    * PalmOS (Tungsten E and Tungsten T3)
    * GP32
    * G3 iBook (both OSX and linux PPC versions)
    * Gamecube (unreleased port)
    * SGI Octane (IRIX)
    * Wii
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    Post by Longcat »

    Yes, a free copy of ScummVM.
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    Post by Laserschwert »

    - Windows 98
    - Windows XP
    - PSP
    - Sony Ericsson P1i (Symbian UIQ3)
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    Post by Raziel »

    AmigaOS 3 and 4
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    Post by criezy »

    In the past I have used ScummVM on:
    • SGI Indigo2 (Irix, Ican't remember which version as it was several years ago).
      SGI O2 (Irix 6.3).
      A Dell computer (I can't remember which one, with Linux RedHat 7.3).
      HP xw4300 (with Linux RedHat EL 3.5).
      Sun Fire (Solaris 7 and more recently 9).
    But now I am only using it on:
    • An intel iMac (MacOS 10.4).
      An intel MacBook Pro (MacOS 10.5 andFedora 8 ).
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    Post by Bobbin »

    For me it's:

    Windows XP
    Windows Vista
    Nintendo DS
    Smartphone Treo 750v

    And as soon as my friend returns my Wii I will also try that port.
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    Post by Noelemahc »

    My main home machine (WinXP), my mobile (SE W950i, running UIQ3), my PSP (CFW 3-90M33-3 if you care), and several laptops of varying WinXP revisions and ownership status. If we're talking builds, then "3". Voted for 4-5 as if we're talking actual devices, then it's "5" :)
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    Post by chrisis »

    Noelemahc wrote:If we're talking builds, then "3". Voted for 4-5 as if we're talking actual devices, then it's "5" :)
    I have to admit, the survey isn't very scientific accurate ;) (and this after more than 2 years of statistics lessons at university...). So vote for whatever you feel fits YOU best :)
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    Post by MetaFox »

    Noelemahc wrote:If we're talking builds, then "3". Voted for 4-5 as if we're talking actual devices, then it's "5" :)
    It's the exact same for me. Windows XP (Pentium 4), Windows 98 (Celeron), Windows Me (Pentium II), Dreamcast, and GP32.
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    Post by Adventureguy »

    Well, let's see, I run ScummVM on 4 different systems, which are:

    - My 1.8 GHz PC, with both an Windows XP and a Kubuntu distribution on my hard disk
    - An old 200 MHz Pc running Windows 98
    - And my trusty Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 5

    I'm wondering how many different ports ScummVM will eventually have. It is one of the most ported open source software I know, maybe it's No.1 concerning the variety of ports. Keep up to good work and maintenance of the project! :wink:

    Maybe if microwaves evolved as fast as computers, we could play games like Maniac Mansion on it (and put cute, innocent hamsters in the microwave, in the game or literally! :twisted: )
    Just kidding! :wink:
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    Post by DJWillis »


    Let's see. This is what I have currently laying about that I have ScummVM running on one way or another.

    (Shamelessly nicking Joost's list as a starting point)

    * PC's and laptops (32/64-bit Ubuntu, 32/64-bit WinXP/Vista)
    * Dreamcast
    * PSP
    * PS2
    * PS3 (PPC Linux)
    * DS
    * Windows PocketPC/Smartphones
    * iPAC (Running Familiar Linux)
    * PalmOS (Zire 31 (Old build), Zodiac and Tungsten T3)
    * GP32
    * GP2X F100
    * XBOX 1
    * G3 1.6 iMac (both OSX and Linux PPC versions)
    * SUN Ultra30
    * Wii
    * MagicEyes MMSP2+ Development board (think uprated version of the chip in the GP2X) (hacked up version of my GP2X port)
    * TI OMAP3 Development board (hacked up version of my GP2X port)
    * BlackFin Development board (not really working too well)

    That is about all that jumps into my head right now. I have a nasty habit of using ScummVM as a form of 'hardware test' :roll:. I am sure there are easier things to test with :wink:.
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