The man with the hat is back!

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Will you watch the newest Indiana Jones adventure?

Total votes: 28

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The man with the hat is back!

Post by md5 »

This is not related with ScummVM directly, hence it's in the junkyard :)

An old hero returns from the past with an exciting new adventure. Indiana Jones will be using his skills to uncover the mystery of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on May 22nd!
It seems that the events of Fate of Atlantis will not be mentioned in the film, too bad :(

Forget about the Mummy, Tomb Raider and National Treasure... Indiana was the first and the best archaeologist/treasure hunter of them all :)

So, rejoice, a hero of the past, the man with the hat is back!

A wiki:

... and a well made parody :)

Welcome back Indy. It was about time :)
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Post by Cyphox »

what a question! of course i will!!!
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Post by nabla »

Somehow I fear I can only be disappointed by it... :cry: :wink:
Damn, it has to be good...
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Post by raina »

Should be entertaining. Dunno if I'll go see it on a big screen or just wait for a full DVD set when I can be sure there won't be any more sequels to the series.
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