Penguin Software / Polarware graphic adventure games

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Penguin Software / Polarware graphic adventure games

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Anyone know Penguin Software/Polarware games?

I was discovered them thanks to a listing error in mobygames (I was completing theDynamix 's wikipedia entry adding the entire list of games), and then adding the links to the games, found a game of Transylvania series not appearing on the list, but then discovered the Transylvania series was not developed by Dynamix (but maybe ported them to other platforms because they ported a lot of games because EA payed them for that) but a rare (and now defunct) but interesting company named Penguin Software (and renamed to Polarware).

Those games surprised me, because are too early graphic adventures and the own author has them fully available on his webpage for download and explaining on his webpage about the "good old times" ;).

Anyone can give more information about their games and specially technical information about the Comprehend engine? It could be nice to know :) (Polarware section of official author's page) ... ist-games/ (very incomplete list of Penguin Adventure/Polarware games).

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