Club Caribe/Habitat: Online adventure? The first MMOG?

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Club Caribe/Habitat: Online adventure? The first MMOG?

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I was found this:


Club Caribe:


Qlink: ... 95&tid=120

Randy Farmer: ... rId,59409/
Just as later services would, Q-Link featured electronic mail, online chat (in its People Connection department), public domain file sharing libraries, online news, and instant messaging (using On Line Messages, or OLMs). Other noteworthy features included online multiplayer games like checkers, chess, backgammon, and hangman; casino games such as bingo, slot machines, and poker in RabbitJack's Casino; and an interactive graphical resort island called Habitat while in beta-testing and later renamed to Club Caribe.

Club Caribe was developed with Lucasfilm Games and was designed using software that would later form the basis of Lucasfilm's Maniac Mansion SCUMM story system. Users controlled on-screen avatars that could chat with other users, carry and use objects and money (called tokens), and travel around the island one screenful at a time. It was a predecessor to today's MMOGs

Lucasfilm's Habitat was created by Lucasfilm Games, a division of LucasArts Entertainment Company, in association with Quantum Computer Services, Inc. It was arguably one of the first attempts to create a very large scale commercial multi-user virtual environment. A far cry from many laboratory research efforts based on sophisticated interface hardware and tens of thousands of dollars per user of dedicated compute power, Habitat is built on top of an ordinary commercial online service and uses an inexpensive -- some would say "toy" -- home computer to support user interaction. In spite of these somewhat plebeian underpinnings, Habitat is ambitious in its scope. The system we developed can support a population of thousands of users in a single shared cyberspace. Habitat presents its users with a real-time animated view into an online simulated world in which users can communicate, play games, go on adventures, fall in love, get married, get divorced, start businesses, found religions, wage wars, protest against them, and experiment with self-government.
Anyone tried this? It seems like a weird online adventure game. What about supporting it into ScummVM in a long future?

Sadly, the online stuff can't be used now because obvious reasons, or yes? Yes, recently some guys reverse engineered the Quantum Link thingie, but still alpha status:

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