Fallout support

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Fallout support

Post by Saprok »

¿Will scummVM in the future support Fallout 1 and 2?

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Post by fingolfin »

No. Neither is a graphical point-and-click adventure game and hence thes don't fit into the scope of ScummVM.

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Post by Raziel »

When will people start to read FAQ's?(tm)


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Post by PsYcO »

Raziel wrote:When will people start to read FAQ's?(tm)

im sure some do, but like all things in life some just have to break the mold

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Re: Fallout support

Post by timofonic »

Saprok wrote:¿Will scummVM in the future support Fallout 1 and 2?
Use this: http://www.fifengine.de

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Post by 3Yenman3 »

When are you guys going to *finally* add Doom?

Tinhead Ned
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Post by Tinhead Ned »

When ScummVM becomes self-aware and starts absorbing and integrating other source-ports, emulators and reverse-engineering jobbies by itself. It'll happen, people.

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Post by clone2727 »

Tinhead Ned wrote:When ScummVM becomes self-aware
Sky-net! :wink:

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Post by timofonic »

ScummVM will ... conquest the world! :lol:

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Post by doc labyrinth »

You should try the new Fallout game "Brotherhood of Steel" for PS2. It's not EXACTLY the same gameplay, battles are fought in real time as opposed to the taking-turns method used in the first two games, which i kind of liked more. But the game itself is a lot of fun and sticks with the general atmosphere and gameplay of the original series.

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