Gobliiins 4

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Post by PsYcO »

says 2008 now, any news other than that?

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Post by criezy »

I hope I will not be slapped on the fingers for unearthing an old thread. Suddenly today I remembered that thread and went to look for the game web site and found it had (finally) been updated.

The web site is still only in french but it is beginning to be more precise. They are now announcing a release in February 2009 and localisation in french, english, german, spanish, italian, russian and eastern european languages (with no more precision), although it doesn't says if all the languages will be available initially.

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Post by Scarlatti »

The official site now has some release dates, and apparently it was to be already released in Russia and Germany by now, with other European countries to follow soon. However, the English version of the official Russian site states that it will be available on 27th of this month (April of 2009).

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Post by Mim »

Gobliiins 4 is now available also in the Czech Republic and the game pack has three previous games as a bonus. You can see video from first level of the game here: http://tinyurl.com/cfaa6x

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Post by spookypeanut »

Anyone that is still wondering, btw, it's definitely out: I just saw a copy of Goblins 4 in my local branch of GAME (in the UK)

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