King's Quest 1 VGA and King's Quest 2 VGA?

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King's Quest 1 VGA and King's Quest 2 VGA?

Post by JustAGamer »

I have two excellent VGA fan remakes of King's Quest 1 and 2 from "Tierra". Is there any chance that these two games will be supported anytime soon?

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Post by md5 »

No, these have been created by Adventure Game Studio, a totally different engine than AGI or SCI, which is closed source (for reasons explained in their FAQ). Therefore, it's highly unlikely that they'll ever be supported

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Post by nabla »

Fortunately, there is a Linux and a MacOS Port. Unfortunately, the Linux port -- because of beeing closed source -- is a binary and is linked against libraries I do not have or at least not the exact version (though I use the version number, the faq says it needs)...

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Post by clone2727 »

See our FAQ as well

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Post by Jorpho »

And if you're wondering what happened to "Tierra"; they're not dead; they just changed their name.

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