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Scorched Earth
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There doesn't seem to be a Mohawk plugin included with the nightly Dreamcast binary files.

Will this be added in the future, or maybe not at all?


This probably applies to other ports as well, but this was the official response given when I added a request to the tracker.
Which engines are built in releases are decided by the release manager, and
is the same for all ports. So as soon as the Mohawk is deemed ready
enough, it will be enabled for all ports, including Dreamcast.

If you compile the port yourself, you should be able to enable Mohawk
engine with the configure option --enable-mohawk (or --enable-all-engines).
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You'd have to ask the Dreamcast porter about that. The Riven demo works, however.

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Post by Anthony817 »

Keep me posted if you get it working on Dreamcast, I would love to see even how just the demo runs.

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There still was commercial games Myst and Riven for ppc. I´ve played both some years ago.

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