FMTOWNS (Zak MacKracken)

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FMTOWNS (Zak MacKracken)

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hi @ all

I found this as i searced much more informations about FMTowns (whi#ch Games , whats dhe difference and so on)
The original FMTowns code contained two sets of sprites. Can you spot the difference? Can you say 'Anime'? :)



my ask : If i understnad right , there are 2 Sets in the FMTown Version

is there or will ever be an option to say which version will be used ?

or is it hardcoded with the Language ?

and for others .. exist the Same modifications on Monkey Island ???

// could anyone move it to the Junkyard ... thx
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Re: FMTOWNS (Zak MacKracken)

Post by LogicDeLuxe »

GUN wrote:or is it hardcoded with the Language ?
Though, it should be possible to patch the graphics, ie. exchange them between the two versions.

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