Help with reverse engineering on a project

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Help with reverse engineering on a project

Post by Cyberdyn »

Hi everyone

Im involved with a project called Star wars galaxies emu. Basicly what the project is about is to get back an old combat system(or playing system) which was changed twice by SOE. It went from an MMORPG to FPS-MMORPG thingie.

The team is trying to get that back (pre cu). Lots of people are interested in this project(more than 10k at least) but we really need help from reverse engineers now to get combat working as we dont have pre cu packet logs. We need to figure out how the client writes the packets to memory. Since this game has changed completly, we cannot use the packets from the game running on the official servers.

This project is not illegal and the chief of SOE even said he supports "emulated games".

I hope someone can help us with this. More info can be found here or just email me with questions

Mail me on


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Post by Vinterstum »

Emulated servers for MMORPGs is kind of a dodgy issue, no matter what the chief of SOE says :).

The general tactic for this though, is to disassemble the original .exe in something like IDA Pro or Sourcer, and puzzle the pieces together. See where the executable calls the Winsock dll, and work your way from there. Expect to spend a huge amount of time on it.

Good luck!

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