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Re: Gargoyle

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Gudadantza wrote: Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:11 pm I do not know if I am being clear enough, but It does not harm advise about it. other infocom games do use those boxes and maybe the problem is more common.
Thanks for letting me know. Yes, the Gargoyle implementation of Frotz from which my engine is derived does some monkeying with expanding the upper status line to provide area to draw the text box separately. I only know because it's explicitly mentioned in the source. If it's having the problem you say, maybe be the first to post a bug to bug tracker for the new engine and attach a savegame just before a text box is about to be shown (and what you to do to make it appear). That'd make it easier for me to replicate the problem.
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Re: Gargoyle

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It doesn´t appear to be a very damaging glitch. I´ve noticed that the problem is solved restoring a save. The upper info bar comes back.
It reminds me the problems with screen refresh that interpreters like frotz have when resizing the window etc.
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