When was lucasforums.com closed?

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When was lucasforums.com closed?

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Okay, I have to admit I did not have too much time for years to take care of any LucasArts related stuff. Right now I had some free time and I noticed that many popular sites seem to have closed down in the past years. For many pages you can find something, but the one I miss most is lucasforums.com and it seems to have vanished some time around 2016 and there is nothing you can find about it.

Is there a forum with similar content (including scumm utilitis and technical discussions)? For this I used lucasforums.com in the past when I've translated some scumming games

Does anybody know what happened?
Thanks for a reply!
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It is partially accessible using the Wayback Machine, but most of the threads are inaccessible
since they weren't archived.
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