Looking for a new PC build

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Looking for a new PC build

Post by rootfather »

Hi folks,

my current PC is a few years old and very limited in terms of upgradeability (the motherboard doesn't support more than 4GB of RAM in maximum configuration). Therefore I am looking for recommendations for a new PC build. I am currently not very well informed about the hardware that is currently recommended.

My requirements:
- latest generation CPU, Intel preferred
- minimum 16GB of RAM, the motherboard should at least support 32GB
- mid-range graphics card
- SSD with 500GB, 2x 4TB HDD as RAID
- support for Windows 10 and Linux
- Bluray burner

The main use of the PC will be programming in Visual Studio and various other tools. Latest generation gaming is not on my focus right now, but the graphics card should be upgradeable. Maybe using integrated graphics and upgrading to a dedicated graphics card is recommended?

The PC should be used for at least 5 to 6 years without the need of major upgrades.

Thanks for your input!
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Post by tsoliman »

If the main use is for programming I recommend getting an i5 or an i7 of whatever the latest CPU is, depending on how much money you have. I am very happy with an i5 gaming windows7 PC and an i7 development OS X MacBook Pro. YMMV. Between that and the SSD the compile times will be really low (I use make -j ... I don't know about VS).

I like the idea of the integrated GPU because it is both "less moving parts" and also you'd have a proper PCIx port for future upgrades if you want to spend money on a standalone GPU.

Did you want specific amazon/newegg links? I am not sure how useful these would be in Germany. (I live in the US)
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