Orion Burger

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Orion Burger

Post by gos »

hello, i see in the scumm wiki that orion burger is not officially supported, what does this mean?
does this mean that it is supported somehow?

and if not, whats the progress on this game?

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Post by digitall »

It means what it says.. There is some work on an engine, but this is not yet anywhere near supported i.e. engine stable, complete and tested and enabled by default in builds.

In fact this is not even in the main source code tree.

http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Engin ... ource_tree

There is no link there to the source code there as this was removed from the tree as it was very broken. It has been replaced by the earlier MADS engine and M4 will likely be supported in due course.

If you are capable of C++ compilation, then there is a copy of the older engine code in a branch here:

However, this is likely very incomplete.

Overall, this will be done when it is done... See:
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