GOG Summer/Winter sale has started

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GOG Summer/Winter sale has started

Post by dreammaster »

Depending on which hemisphere you're in. :lol: And one of the starting bundles is their collection of LucasArts adventures. It's only for the next 24 hours.
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Post by md5 »

Ooh great offer!

They also have a fantastic offer with all the Heroes of Might and Magic games, here:

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Post by lazylazyjoe »

Thanks for the heads up.

Here are some of the adventure game listings. Be sure to check the site because there is so many good deals and each last for only a short while.
Currently, some examples are:

Toon Struct 50% off (Scummvm compatible)
Harvey's new Eyes 90% off
A New Beginning 90% off
Edna & Harvey the Breakout 75% off
Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded 80% off
Sierra 'xx quest ' 3 game bundles 60 - 75% off
Dreamfall chapters 50% off
The longest Journey 75% off
Dreamfall 75% off
The Cat Lady 75% off
Broken Age 66% off
Grey Matter 8%0 off
Little Big Adventure 1 & 2 80% off
To the Moon 80%
Quest for Infamy 80%

Ans as a reminder, whenever you buy anything from GOG, be sure to log into the site using Scummvm's affiliate code so they can get their share of the money you spend. It's listed at the top row, next to the 'Contact Us' link. Below is also their affiliate link.

http://www.gog.com/?pp=22d200f8670dbdb3 ... 477c95c23d
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Post by zorbid »

I can't believe that SCUMM games are sold along with ScummVM. At some point, LEC tried to shut you guys down...
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