Remember those old 90's-2000's Disney Interactive PC games?

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Remember those old 90's-2000's Disney Interactive PC games?

Post by Kylikeit »

Anyone remember all those Activity Centers, Animated Storybooks, Magic Artist, and Print Studios from way back? I do, because those things were my damned childhood, man. It's a pity that my modern Windows setup doesn't take them, even in compatibility mode. Has anybody here played them at one point or another?
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Post by pezhead53 »

I used to play Disney Villains' Revenge all the time as a kid. That game was really fun. I think I still have the CDs around here somewhere...
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Post by scoriae »

Kylikeit - they can all be run via dosbox. I have like 20 or so of them running in my setup (essentially all the win 3.x releases). For the win95 releases, you can use virtual pc or some can run in modern windows with the right tweaks.
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