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Post by Darkben1 »

Hi i'm wondering if the people behind this great program for retor gaming for the latest pc's add anymore games to there list of "things to do" list

i have a game called toonstuck an excellent adventure game from 1994.

I have trouble running it and when i tryed using ScummVM it couldnt find the game.

I have used this great program for broken sword and found it to be very useful and i'm wondering if other games or to be honest if theres an update in the future for Toonstruck?

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Post by Reckless »

Toonstruck is *not* a supported game, use the search funtion!

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Post by JamesWoodcock »

I would love to see Toonstruck as well, but as far as i know no update is planned. There is a massive catalogue of supported games though we can still enjoy :)

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Conroy Bumpus
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Post by Conroy Bumpus »

I hope Toonstruck becomes a reailty as it sometimes is difficult to work on DOSBox but hey its a part of the Point n' Click genre so anythings possible.

It has to be one of the most underatted games made, I wished they did the sequel even though I have seen screenshots for it as well it looked quite good.

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Post by Iago »

I managed to get Toonstruck working fine on my PC. It takes a lot of complex tweaking etc... I hope it will be supported by ScummVM soon.

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