Some adventure game deals

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Some adventure game deals

Post by lazylazyjoe »

Some good deals on some Adventure Games at Bundlestars.
Cognition & Moebius are 75% off. $3.75 & $7.50 , respectively. (Win & Mac)

Quest for Infamy 50% off @ $10,a game in the style of QFG, by the guys who did the SQ2 & KQ3 remakes. (Win & Linux)

And Face Noir 75% off @ $5. A P&C detective game made by an Italian indie company. (Win only)

Also, you can pick up the Android port of Syberia (drm free) for 1¢ @ Humble Bundle (mobile).

(All but Syberia are Steam keys only & none work with ScummVM BTW)
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Post by dreammaster »

To go at a slight tangent into RPG deals, Dragon Age Origins is available for free right now, for those of you who also like playing RPGs and haven't previously played it. Although the downside is that I think you need to download the Origin client. :(
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