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dotemu affiliate

Post by lazylazyjoe »

I was just curious if there was something wrong with the DotEmu affiliate link.
When I click on it, it simply redirects to the main site with all trace of affliate # removed. I tried to add something to the cart and go to the checkout thinking it might save the affliiate in cookies or something, but saw no mention.

Granted, I've only bought with the GOG link(which BTW currently has The Longest Journey for $4 & Dreamfall for $6) and never actually tried the DotEmu link before, but I wouldn't want to see the project lose potential revenue. I know they have a few games for SCUMMVM, even GOG doesn't have Tony Tough
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Post by DrMcCoy »

No idea how DotEmu evaluates affiliates, but they do apparently set 3 related cookies: "affiliate[timestamp]" (unix timestamp of when you clicked on the affiliate link), "affiliate[rid]" (the number in our link) and "affiliate[uid]" (no idea, always 4 here).
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