Gemini Rue

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Gemini Rue

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Gemini Rue:
To Anyone who hasn't played this awesome game yet, now is your chance for very cheap. It's available on the current Humble Bundle, for Win, Linux, Mac, AND(you get 'em all) Android for the minimum payment. (1 cent DRM free or $1 for Steam)
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The port of ags is opensource, so you can build it on linux - still need the game to play it obviously - from here: ... its/master

currently the only problem is on systems with pulseaudio because the library they use (allegro) doesn't have a pulseaudio driver, so the sound pipeline is a bit larger than it should be and the sound cracks at the begining, they're porting that section to sdl, which does have a pa driver.

Oh, also you need to override OS version in a config file otherwise there is no rain (they only enabled it on windows for some reason):
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