New claymation game by the Neverhood guys (kickstarter)

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New claymation game by the Neverhood guys (kickstarter)

Post by marticus »

Yet another nifty Kickstarter point & click project.
The Neverhood was awesome, Armikrog should also be.
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Post by Nitrus »

You're absolutely right.
Less than a week has passed, and they've reached more than a third of the goal, I'm pretty sure it's gonna succeed. (fingers crossed)
Timing is good too, the Neverhood engine in ScummMV got massive work done in the past few months.
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Post by Spiketheclown »

We'd better hurry, there's still about a third left.
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Post by Mim »

Quite dramatic finale.
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Post by Freddo »

Seems like it will make it. 17 hours to go and only $7400 is missing.
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They've made it

Post by dreammaster »

They've passed the threshold, so funding is now secured. \o/
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Post by TRoss »

From what I've seen, Armikrog looks great. I chipped in with a few bucks, too. Although, I must confess I somewhat prefer silent Klaymen to speaking Tommynaut.
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